COVID-19 Puppet Show Video

COVID-19 Puppet Show Phrases and Audio

Welcome to the Kispiox Community School

Luu amhl good’y wil baxsim go’ohl Wilps Suuwilaxsa Anspayaxw

Miinhl Ganhl wa’y

gwit gwanuuxwshl wa’y.

Gwa’yt nuu’m ha’tagim haseepxw ii hes Mrs. Henry tun.

COVID-19 is all around us and this is what Mrs. Henry has to say

Dim magoon dimhl ayookhl Wilps Suuwilakxwsa

We are going to go over some rules that we must follow in our school

Hooyihl ha’hab’m ts’imak’ ganhl ts’ak

Cover and protect your mouth and nose

Haw’m ji das’hl tsa’an

Don’t touch your face

Dim suu hetxw niin ahl sil tk’iihlxwin

Social Distancing. Keep 6 feet apart

Nemd’ii t’oyahl sil tk’iihlxwin

No shaking hands zone

Hlawila sak’sinhl an’on

Wash you hands frequently

Dim hlawila hoyin dipun, gan am dim wisim

We follow these rules to keep ourself and our families safe.

Amagyat niin. Gyeekx didiltsin. Hagwil’y win.