Your Education Coordinator

Robert Fritzsche

Robert is a 60’s scoop survivor who has come home to contribute to his Wilp and his community. 21 years ago, Robert built one of the first Aboriginal websites on behalf of the Gitxsan Simgigyet. This was followed by the establishment of one of the first Indigenous GIS facilities in Canada for the Gitxsan Watershed Authorities. Raised by a family of German immigrants, and brought to visit Germany on several occasions, Robert has combined his German discipline and work ethic, with his determination to accelerate Gitxsan de-colonization. Having worked 9 years in the Elementary school system in Kelowna, Robert strives to apply cutting edge educational philosophy and tools to the maintenance and enhancement of Gitxsan language and culture.

Robert’s cultural journey began 6 years ago when he started learning traditional fishing and processing techniques on the territory with his uncles. Since then he has become a provider for his Wilp, while at the same time exploring the geographic and cultural features of his house territory (Lax Yip). He is excited to be working out of the Kispiox community school where he can expand his Gitxsan vocabulary alongside the students.

As a former, off-reserve, sponsored Post Secondary student, Robert continues to apply his skills and experience to provide unparalleled support for Kispiox learners of all ages and backgrounds.