October 2nd, 2020

To: Kispiox Community School Parents/Guardians and community members

From: Brian Muldon

Kispiox Community School Principal

Re: Kispiox Community COVID-19 Update

Dear parents/ guardians,

This is a letter to inform you that Kispiox Community School will be fully open starting Monday, October 5th, 2020. I have been in communication with the Kispiox Band Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) and Lance has confirmed that everything is okay, and we have full in class instruction on Monday. I understand that there are still several people who have concerns regarding COVID-19 and that is quite understandable. We are working on creating a space in the gym for those who are on remote learning to come in on Mondays to get extra support, to pick up their weekly packages, and to hand in their weekly packages. Have a good weekend!


Brian Muldon Principal

Kispiox Community School