Gitxsanimx Learning Online

Welcome to the KCS Gitxsanimx Online Learning Website. This resource was created in order to help get our language into all of our homes. It is recommended that you learn from your family, a fluent speaker. It is best to have an Elder with you. From the KCS Language and Culture Department, we hope you have fun.

Here you will see that we have made categories. As you already know, we have Gitxsan traditions that we all practice every season. We learned from our family and we are rich in culture. Below are the categories of our traditions. You will learn words and simple phrases.

Gitxsanimx Categories

Gitxsan Alphabet

Gitxsan Alphabet

With the Gitxsan alphabet, we will learn the sounds to speak the words.

Gitxsan Sounds

Survival Phrases

Survival Phrases

Learn some of the most common words or sentences that we all say everyday.

Common communication


Harvesting Salmon

Learn about catching salmon and the smokehouse .

Harvesting Salmon Process

Land Marks

Land Mark Place Names

Learn our place names for rivers, streams, mountains in Gitxsanimx.

Our Place Names



School Phrases

For Parents

Learn about ‘Ts’eets Smokehouse

COVID Gitxsanimx  Phrases

Learn COVID safety phrases in Gitxsanimx

Be Kind Be Calm Be Safe

Social Distancing keep 6 feet apart

Dim suu hetxw niin ahl sil tk’iihlxwin

No shaking hands zone

Nemd’ii t’oyahl sil tk’iihlxwin

Don’t touch your face

Haw’m ji das’hl tsa’an